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                  Weihai Jinwei ChemIndustry Co.,Ltd is an excellent manufacturer of UV Absorbers of
                  Benzotriazole with 5000MT annual capacity and Flame Retardant of Polyphosphazene with
                  5000MT annual capacity. Jinwei ChemIndustry has its owned R&D center, a strong R&D team,
                  advanced R&D equipment and high-quality management team. This company is the most
                  competitive enterprise in the same industry. Jinwei ChemIndustry is seeking more intelligence
                  and more vitality with its owned culture and confidence to establish the first-class fine chemical production enterprise.

                  Add: No.88 Gaoxiong Road,Weihai International Port Economic and Technological Development District
                  Tel: 86-631-5584118 Fax: 86-631-5585188
                  International Trading Dept.: 86-631-5583884 5583883 Sales Dept.: 86-631-5583886 5584168
                  Purchasing Dept.: 86-631-5583885 E-mail: jinwei@jinweichemical.com
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